29/1/2017 Training

Today’s training was a great mix of movements I love and hate. We started off with a 3×3 of strict press at 75%, and then 2×3 of strict press at 85%. Strict press is something I’ve always struggled with, so it’s one of those movements that I always dedicate extra time to. It translates well to jerks which is another area I’m fairly weak in. We then moved onto the same rep scheme and loading for front squats. I’ve been focusing on front squats more than back at the moment as this again translates better to Olympic lifts than back squat. I’ve been focusing on it for a couple of months now, and I’ve seen improvements in my 1rm, but also my squat clean (up 10kg in 3 months). Not only have the strength gains helped my squat clean, forcing my torso into a more upright position has helped a great deal in catching the clean in a good position to drive, rather than letting it drop forward.

Up next was a bit of bench press work, something that doesn’t come up enough in regular programming. Completed 5×5 at roughly 70% of my 1rm, with the last set then going into a drop set of 10 at 45%, then into another set of 15 with just the bar. We also jumped up for some chin ups between sets, another movement not regularly seen in our standard programming.


To finish,we completed the following:

5 Rounds for time


10 Press Ups

15 Kettlebell Swings 24kg

20 Kettlebell Deadlifts 32kg

150m run with 25kg sandbag


A nice gassy little workout with a bit of weight in there. TTB is another movement I struggle with (most gymnastic movements really). I’ve been working on stringing TTB together without doing a ‘double kip’ for each rep. For the first 4 rounds I was able to string all 5 well, but with shoulder fatigue, the 5th set I couldn’t manage. I really enjoyed the balance between shoulder work, some push and pull work, as well as the leg fatigue from the last two movements. We did originally plan for the sandbag to be 50kg, but as time was running out, we had to settle on the 25kg, which was actually a good call, as it kept the tempo of the wod high. Great day of training, and a great wod I look forward to revisiting at some point, maybe even with the heavier sandbag.

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