Crossfit Open 2017 – 17.3


So although I was hoping for something heavy, snatches weren’t at the top of my list. Dave Castro’s mid-week clue of a deck of cards strewn across a table made sense to me as soon as I saw the workout: it’s time to put your cards on the table, and really separate the pack.

Even though I went scaled on this workout, the weights were still fairly challenging. Scaled athletes are allowed to power snatch and then OHS the weight, but that didn’t fill me with too much confidence, as my one rep power snatch was 60kg going into this, with my OHS at just 52.5kg. The overhead squat is a movement I really struggle with, my shoulders just don’t want to have any part in it. This was not going to be my workout.

After showing up to the box, again I was told I would be in Heat 1. I had 10 minutes to get all my plates for my bar sorted, get a stack of plates for the jump pull ups sorted, whilst also trying to warm up. Mentally, I was all over the place when the timer started. I didn’t get a chance to squat anything more than 30kg in the warmup, so not only was I worrying about whether I had all of my plates sorted, but I was mostly worried about how my shoulders were going to hold up

I hit the first rounds at 20kg as squat snatches to try to keep the bar moving as quickly as possible whilst it was still light. I wasn’t worried at all about the jump pull ups (which were a complete waste of time with the standards set as they are), I was completely focused on the snatches. I had also planned to squat snatch the second weight (34kg), but with no prep time, I decided to go with quick power snatches and OHSs. I knew the sticking point would be the rounds at 52kg.

These would be the rounds that would make or break this workout for me. My goal was to get through this weight and then attempt the rounds at 61kg. It would have been Mission Accomplished if I finished these 9 reps. I was comfortable with the power snatch, but then came the hard part. Trying to keep yourself calm when hitting an uncomfortable weight is half the battle. Before the first rep at 52kg, I was trying to convince myself that I’ve done this weight before, I can do it again. I knew that if I could get the first rep, the boost in confidence would carry me through the rest. Although a little bit wobbly, I made it through the 52kg rounds, I now had 4 and a half minutes to see how 61kg felt.

At this point, everyone else in the gym (who were all going Rx) had been timed out of their workouts: the entire gym was behind me. Before I made a proper attempt at power snatching it, I did a snatch high pull to feel the weight a bit, to build my confidence. With a feel for the weight, I went for it. The gym erupted in cheers as the bar was now above my head. I fought the bar all the way down into the squat. My shoulders were shaking, but I hit depth. As I stood the bar up, pure elation swept the gym, and I had surpassed my own expectations. I PBd my overhead squat by 8.5kg, and I knew that one rep would mean a lot on the leaderboard. I still had a few minutes to eek out some more, but my shoulders were absolutely shot at this point. Although I power snatched the bar up another 4 times, I couldn’t stick the OHS.

Even though I wasn’t looking forward to this workout, I got more out of it than any previous Open wod. I’m now looking forward to what 17.4 brings, even if it is a repeat of 16.4.

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