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Crossfit Open 2017 – 17.2

As it turns out, I was completely wrong about 17.2. I was expecting something heavy and close to 16.2, but instead we got more dumbbells and high level gymnastics. Looking at the workout, it’s easy to see where the sticking … Continue reading

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Crossfit and Nutrition

If you’ve been doing Crossfit for more than a couple of months, you’re probably going to start to think about how you can improve on your diet to help improve on your times. Nutrition is one of those things that … Continue reading

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Crossfit Beginner Goals and Expectations

Although I’m no Crossfit expert myself; I’ve only been Crossfitting coming up to 5 months now, but I certainly feel like I’ve moved beyond that initial beginner phase. This whole new world of lifts and movements has opened up in … Continue reading

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